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One Of The Best Jailbreak Themes Is Ready For Your iOS 7 Device

One Of The Best Jailbreak Themes Is Ready For Your iOS 7 Device

January 13, 2014

WinterBoard for iOS 7 launched in the Cydia Store recently, and now one of the best jailbreak themes out there is set to receive an iOS 7-optimizing update. We are of course talking about ayecon, which should be available for our iOS 7-powered iDevices later this week, according to its developer.

The news surfaced online in an update to developer Surenix’s personal blog, where the process of porting ayecon over to iOS 7 is explained in depth. There, the developer notes that updating his popular jailbreak theme for the seventh iteration of Apple’s mobile OS is far from simple.

Surenix explains:

I spent the past week optimizing ayecon for iOS 7 (stock iOS icons) and it look so amazing! The only problem now is that Apple removed “[email protected]”, which give every single iOS icon that unified “ayecon” look … uh-oh, right? No.

Well, now what? First, I need to literally mask (not redesign) hundreds (maybe thousands?!) of apps so they look unified. I will start by masking the popular App Store icons and make my way down the list (this also includes Cydia tweaks with app icons). I plan to release an ayecon update once every week or so so that you can have a better (full) experience with ayecon.

However, Surenix hopes that by taking a crowdsourcing approach, this process could be hurried along somewhat. He adds: “If you are one who just cannot wait to have a certain app icon(s) masked due to OCD (that’s me), I will provide a PSD file in the next ayecon update that will heavily be all about icon optimization (iOS 7 support).”

This PSD file will allow jailbreakers to modify their favorite iOS apps for ayecon, and send the fixed app icon over to Surenix for inclusion in ayecon through a future update. As he notes in the aforementioned blog post, regular updates for the jailbreak theme will gradually expand on the selection of applications supported by ayecon.

Surenix added that the first and most significant update for ayecon - the one focusing on adding iOS 7 support - should be available “later this week.” We’ll let you know once it reaches the Cydia Store.

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Via: Redmond Pie

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