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Taking On The Likes Of iTunes Radio, Dr. Dre's Beats Music Set To Launch On Jan. 21

Beats Music is all set to take on the likes of iTunes Radio, Pandora, Spotify, and Rdio. As reported by The New York Times, the upcoming music streaming service has been scheduled to launch on Jan. 21. On its homepage, Beats Music is said to combine human curation and automatic algorithms to offer the right music at the right time:
Get playlists, curated by the best music experts. Recommendations, served up based on your interests. And you can even tell Beats Music where you are, what you're feeling, and who you're with, and we'll deliver the perfect stream of music.
The service will, of course, be available from a computer. It will also be available through its official apps for Android, Windows Phone, and iOS (initially optimized for iPhone and iPod touch only). Beats Music is a product of Beats Electronics, the company cofounded by rapper Dr. Dre and producer Jimmy Iovine, who serves as the CEO. It was reported that Iovine and Apple CEO Tim Cook met early last year to discuss a possible partnership concerning "Project Daisy," the codename for the revamped version of MOG, which was acquired by Beats in 2012. Apparently, though, they decided to go different ways. Apple officially launched iTunes Radio with iOS 7 last September, while Beats is set to launch Beats Music. Beats Music will be launched in the U.S. on, as mentioned, Jan. 21 — that's Tuesday next week. It will offer unlimited and ad-free streaming for $10 a month. It will also be available through the Beats Music Family Plan from AT&T, supporting five accounts across 10 devices for $14.99 a month. Will you be listening to Beats Music?
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