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Auxo 2, Sequel To The Popular Jailbreak App Switcher, Is Coming Next Month

Auxo 2, Sequel To The Popular Jailbreak App Switcher, Is Coming Next Month

February 26, 2014

Remember Auxo? The popular alternative to the iOS app switcher had us impressed when it launched for both the iPhone and iPad. Now, we’ve heard from A3 Tweaks that Auxo 2 – a second generation version of the package – is set to reach the Cydia Store in the near future.

The news came in a Twitter update from the publisher’s account (@A3Tweaks). In it, A3 Tweaks said: “Happy to announce that Auxo 2, AltKB 2, and two new tweaks will be released within the next month.”

This is great news for jailbreakers – and especially those who’ve found that even under iOS 7, the app switcher falls short of their expectations. As a reminder, we called the first version of Auxo for iPhone “the app switcher Apple should have designed,” and praised its design and functionality:

This new app switcher is packed with customizable toggles and redesigned music controls. Each app in the switcher displays a screenshot with a small centered icon and title. If you’d like to close out of an app, simply swipe down on the screenshot.

Though we subsequently highlighted Auxo (along with Dash) as one app switcher-specific jailbreak tweak Apple had incorporated within its iOS as of iOS 7, given A3 Tweaks’ impressive track record we’re sure the publisher has something great in store for Auxo’s second major release.

As of this writing, little has been given away. A3 Tweaks did note in a further Twitter message that Auxo 2 is “an entirely new concept and package from a new developer. (…) We retained the name as a it’s more of a spiritual successor.” As such, the publisher added that Auxo 2 won’t be available as a free update for Auxo owners.

We’ll keep you updated with further information on Auxo 2 as we receive it.

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