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Cydia Tweak: How To Get Spotlight To Take You To An App's Location, Instead

Cydia Tweak: How To Get Spotlight To Take You To An App's Location, Instead

February 14, 2014

Spotlight is super efficientespecially in iOS 7 and running on Apple’s 64-bit iOS devices. But one qualm a few folks have is that there’s no option to set the iOS-wide search tool to take users over to an iOS app’s location in the mobile OS, rather than launching the application in question immediately. Cue Icon Finder: a new jailbreak tweak that can quickly fix this quirk.

Once you’ve got Icon Finder installed on your jailbroken iOS device, a “Reveal in Finder”-style option that Mac users will be familiar with is added to the mobile OS. You can access this option by simply holding down your finger on an iOS application in Spotlight’s search menu; upon doing so, you’ll be taken directly over the iOS app icon – regardless of whether it’s located on a Home screen or in an app folder.

Of course, if you’d rather launch the app immediately, simply tap on the app icon from within Spotlight and it’ll open as usual.

As you’d expect, Icon Finder adds no new application icon to the Home screen, nor does it add a preferences pane to the built-in Settings app – instead, installing the jailbreak tweak will enabled it immediately, and uninstalling the package from the Cydia app disables the feature.

You can pick up Icon Finder free of charge in the Cydia Store.

As a reminder, jailbreakers looking to beef up Spotlight are advised to check out Weasel. It had our own Dom Esposito impressed a couple of days ago when he took a look at the package.

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