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Cydia Tweak: TimePasscode Turns Your iOS Passcode Into The Current Time

Cydia Tweak: TimePasscode Turns Your iOS Passcode Into The Current Time

February 3, 2014

TimePasscode is an interesting new jailbreak tweak, and one that comes as the result of a recent Reddit request. The package, once installed, allows users to have their iOS device auto-set the iOS passcode to the present time, resulting in an ever-changing (but a somewhat easily guessable) iPhone passcode.

Of course, if I were an iPhone-thieving crook, the time isn’t the first guess I’d make when trying to get past an iOS passcode, but if news of this jailbreak tweak really gets out then knowledge of it could spread through the criminal underworld pretty soon. That potential security qualm aside, however, TimePasscode is nevertheless a fun package and some users who haven’t made the leap to Touch ID might see it as a fitting replacement for their boring old static passcode.

TimePasscode adds a new preferences pane to the built-in Settings app, and here users can enable or disable the jailbreak tweak outright. Once enabled, users will find that their iOS passcode is now set to the present time, in a four digit format.

This obviously means that at 7:50 a.m., your iOS passcode will be “0750,” while at 6:30 p.m. it’ll be “1830.” Useful, right?

It’s an entertaining jailbreak tweak, for sure, but as we noted above it’s nevertheless risky business to have TimePasscode enabled on a jailbroken handset that happens to get stolen or go missing.

Earlier today, we told you about another passcode-related jailbreak tweak called Mesalation, which allows iPhone 5s users to activate an iOS lock “grace period” for Touch ID. Our article explained:

once installed iPhone 5s owners can have the jailbreak tweak enable a grace period for the iOS unlock system, even when Touch ID is activated and running. You’ll be able to do this from the built-in Settings application, inside of the “Touch ID & Passcode” preferences pane; grace period options on offer include an immediate Touch ID or passcode request, a request after one minute, after five minutes, after 15 minutes, after one hour, and after four hours.

Mesalation is definitely a useful package, and something iPhone 5s users will appreciate.

If you’re still rocking a passcode lock, however, TimePasscode can provide you with a more unique means of locking your iPhone. How do you like the look of the jailbreak tweak?

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