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Cydia Tweak: ToggleControlsAgain Brings A Little Piece Of iOS 6 To iOS 7

Cydia Tweak: ToggleControlsAgain Brings A Little Piece Of iOS 6 To iOS 7

February 11, 2014
Remember when you had the ability to toggle between the clock and music controls on the iOS 6 lock screen with a double press of the home button? I'm sure that the feature's absence didn't bother everyone, but it wouldn't have done any harm having it in iOS 7. As other users have mentioned, Apple replaced this double press action with a single press action. Regardless of that, this tweak will bring back the action that was originally in place on iOS 6. ToggleControlsAgain will allow you to double press the home button while music is playing and bring back the clock. Along with that, it also leaves the album art present on the lock screen. From the tweak's Cydia description:
Allows you to switch between clock and media-controls by double-clicking home button on LockScreen. Like it was on iOS 6.
Keep in mind, this tweak requires iOS 7 or higher. If you'd like to check out ToggleControlsAgain for yourself, it's available for free in the BigBoss repository. For more jailbreak coverage, check out: Circular Battery Brings A New Alkaline-Powered Battery Indicator To iOS, Here's How You Can Enable A Guest Mode On Your iOS Device, Passcode Lock Individual iOS Apps With iAppLock, and Customize The Appearance Of The iOS Status Bar With StatusBarSuite.

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