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Cydia Tweak: Circular Battery Brings A New Alkaline-Powered Battery Indicator To iOS

Cydia Tweak: Circular Battery Brings A New Alkaline-Powered Battery Indicator To iOS

February 10, 2014

Circular Battery, one of the latest Alkaline jailbreak themes to reach the Cydia Store, does exactly what its name suggests. Providing users with a pie chart-like indicator for their iOS device’s remaining battery life, the new package is available to download in the Cydia Store free of charge.

Alkaline, as you may remember, is a jailbreak app which allows users to alter and enhance the iOS battery life indicator. It’s not as fully featured as WinterBoard or Springtomize 3 – two other popular iOS customization packages – since Alkaline rather limits its focus to the battery life indicator, and the battery life indicator only. You can configure the jailbreak app within a dedicated preferences pane that’s added to the built-in Settings application, and Alkaline is available to download free of charge in the Cydia Store.

Circular Battery, however, indeed requires Alkaline, and if you don’t have the latter package installed, it’ll be bundled together with the new jailbreak theme. After everything has downloaded, users will be able to enable Circular Battery from within their Settings app, and after a quick respring the battery life theme should be up and running.

It looks great, and fits in with the design of Apple’s iOS really well. In fact, I think it’s a lot easier to get an accurate indication of your battery life percentage using Circular Battery instead of the stock battery life indicator Apple includes in the mobile OS – partly because we’re more used to reading pie charts, I guess.

Plus, because Circular Battery does provide a more accurate indication of one’s battery life, there’s all the more reason to remove the numerical percentage indicator and free up some space from the iOS status bar. Though Alkaline doesn’t seem to offer this kind of functionality, a handful of jailbreak packages – including the recently released StatusBarSuite – do.

As mentioned, you can pick up Circular Battery in the Cydia Store free of charge, and it requires the free Alkaline jailbreak app.

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