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Kickstarted: Bloom For iPhone Offers Hand-Crafted Premium Wooden Protection

Kickstarted: Bloom For iPhone Offers Hand-Crafted Premium Wooden Protection

February 5, 2014

On the hunt for a new case for your iPhone 5s or iPhone 5? Bloom, a recent Kickstarter project, could be of interest. Made from high quality woods from around the world, the new accessory promises iOS device users a durable, fingerprint resistant, toxin-free, and – most importantly – good looking case for their iPhone handset.

Bloom’s Kickstarter project is now live, and iPhone owners must offer a minimum pledge of $29 CAD ($26) in order to secure a Bloom case made of either walnut, ebony, rosewood, bamboo, or maple wood. Shipping outside of Canada will set you back an additional $2 CAD, bumping up the total price of an iPhone 5s or iPhone 5 Bloom case to $31 CAD ($28). The final retail price of the Bloom cases will be $45 CAD ($40), and so early backers do have the chance of picking up a bargain – provided Bloom reaches its $11,000 CAD ($9,950) funding goal.

The project launched on Feb. 4, and has until March 15 to meet this target; as of this writing, Bloom has just a couple of hundred Canadian dollars in funds, but it is early days.

For the bigger spenders out there, Bloom also has a $135 CAD ($122) backing option, offering all five of its cases for $90 CAD off their final retail value. Regardless of which backing option you choose, Kickstarter users can also specify whether they’d like a black or white plastic frame on their Bloom case.

As outlined over at the Kickstarter Web page, here’s what iOS device users can expect from Bloom:

  • Every wood is different with natural grain which is as unique as our fingerprints, so each case would be different from other
  • Hand-polished treated wood to create a long lasting value for the user to prevent fingerprints and scratch marks
  • Premium wood veneer would be about 1mm thin to make the cases featherlight and add no weight or bulk to an iPhone
  • Sustainable wood would be only used for cases from FSC Certified sources
  • The precision cut plastic holder for iPhone would have a smooth, non-slip surface for easy hold

The cases do look really nice, and are well priced if you back the project now. As mentioned, you can pick up a Bloom case for the iPhone 5s or iPhone 5 for $29 CAD ($26), and the Kickstarter project has more than five weeks left to run.

For more information, head over to Bloom’s Kickstarter Web page.

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