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Popular Space Sim For Mac FTL Has Set A Course For The App Store

Popular Space Sim For Mac FTL Has Set A Course For The App Store

February 18, 2014

FTL (Faster Than Light) is set to launch for the iPad in a dedicated port, according to its developer. Plus, the popular space simulator for the Mac is also on course to receive a supernova-sized update in the near future adding new content, additional features, and even an expanded name.

FTL: Advanced Edition (AE) is the name of both the upcoming app and port, and features for both OS X and iOS look to be aplenty. The folks behind the app noted in a recent blog post that we’ll soon be able to enjoy new systems and subsystems, in-game hacking (for weapons, drones, sheilds, and the teleporter), backup battery, and – most interesting, perhaps – mind control.

The post explains:

The Mind Control system temporarily turns a single enemy into an ally. Upgrading the system will increase the duration of the control as well as providing a health and combat boost to your new minion. You’ll be able to make a boarder temporarily man the weapon system, cause in-fighting on the enemy ship, or lock your teleporter onto your new ally to teleport him into an airless room back on your ship. The caveat is that Mind Control requires vision of the crew to activate, and the telepathic Slugs are immune to its ability, making nebulae a dangerous choice for those who rely on it.

Besides this, miscellanious improvements including enhanced visuals and a “hard” mode of gameplay are also set to feature in FTL: AE.

In terms of compaibility, FTL: AE’s developer has noted that the iPad application will be compatible with the iPad 2 and above, and that support for other platforms – such as Microsoft’s Surface tablet – could be added.

We should see both the Mac expansion and FTL: AE for iPad arrive at the same time, and though no precise release date has been announced, FTL’s developer has told fans to expect both releases in “early 2014.”

We’ll let you know once the iPad application makes an appearance in the App Store.

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Via: Cult of Mac