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Samsung Tries To Poke Fun At Apple In A New Ad

Samsung has released a new ad for the Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 that goes directly after the Apple iPad. “Multitasking, redefined” also mocks Apple’s Pencil ad for the iPad Air, which first launched in October of last year. In the ad, Samsung notes that the body of the Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 is thinner than the iPad Air. It also highlights multitasking features that are missing on the best-selling tablet. Over the years, I have actually enjoyed many of Samsung ads — even those which go after Apple. This isn’t one of them. “Multitasking, redefined” is goofy, and not at all funny. It is also very stale. It took Samsung four months to come up with this? Here's the Samsung ad: Here's the ad it tries to mock: See also: Apple Releases Its Own Super Ad, One Day After The Big Game EndedApple Hires The Design Director Of The New York Times Magazine, and Apple's '1984' Made Its Debut 30 Years Ago.
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