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Snap A Quick Selfie With This New Cydia Tweak

Snap A Quick Selfie With This New Cydia Tweak

February 12, 2014
The main purpose of a Cydia tweak is to enhance the iOS experience. Some tweaks may be more helpful than others, but there's no shortage of unique creations within Cydia. Selfie is an interesting new tweak that adds a "selfie camera" shortcut to your home screen. Once installed, all you'll need to do is swipe up on the dock to activate Selfie. This results in instant access to the front facing camera and a quick button to snap a photo. Within the Settings app, you'll find nothing more than the ability to enable/disable Selfie. From the Cydia description:
Do you like taking selfie's? Selfie places a camera just for selfie's under your dock. All you have to do is slide the dock up and take a billion pics of yourself :)
Selfie is definitely an interesting tweak, but you're not saving a lot of time using it. To achieve the same result, all you'd need to do is launch the Camera app and tap on the camera switcher in the top right corner. If you're really into taking selfies or want to save yourself a second or two, this tweak may come in handy. Currently, Selfie is available for $0.99 in the BigBoss repository, requires iOS 7, and is only compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. For other useful jailbreak tweaks, check out: Here’s How You Can Enable A Guest Mode On Your iOS Device, Passcode Lock Individual iOS Apps With iAppLock, and Customize The Appearance Of The iOS Status Bar With StatusBarSuite.

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