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Cydia Tweak: Bring Less Invasive Power Alerts To iOS 7 Using PowerBanners

Cydia Tweak: Bring Less Invasive Power Alerts To iOS 7 Using PowerBanners

March 2, 2014

It's useful having low power alerts appear at one's iOS device, but pop-up notifications are intrusive – especially when they surface in iOS apps and games. One new jailbreak tweak called PowerBanners can fix this by forcing power alerts to appear as banner notifications, and it's available to download free of charge in the Cydia Store now.

Once you've got PowerBanners installed on your iOS device, you can configure how the jailbreak tweak operates from within a new preferences pane that's added to the Settings app.

Here, you can outright enable or disable the package, and it's also possible to set whether PowerBanners vibrates when power alerts are received. After the jailbreak tweak has been enabled, users will find that low battery alerts indeed appear as banner notifications at the top of their iOS device's screen, and in my opinion this is far more convenient.

Here's hoping this is a jailbreak-only feature Apple eventually implements within its mobile OS.

You can pick up PowerBanners free of charge in the Cydia Store, and it's optimized for iOS 7 and ARM64-devices. It borrows heavily from a similar package, LowPowerBanners, which is available for iOS 6-powered devices and can also be downloaded for free.

If you're interested in tweaking how battery life is handled under iOS 7, we'd recommend you take a look at BatterySafe (which forces iOS 7 to switch off battery hungry features), BattSaver (which promises to double your battery life under iOS 7), and MacBattery (which adds an OS X-inspired battery life icon to iOS 7).

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