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Cydia Tweak: Gregorian Brings The iOS 7.1 Calendar App To iOS 7.0.x Devices

Cydia Tweak: Gregorian Brings The iOS 7.1 Calendar App To iOS 7.0.x Devices

March 13, 2014

Ryan Petrich (@rpetrich) has done it again, this time releasing a killer jailbreak package that brings the iOS 7.1 Calendar app to iOS 7.0.x-powered devices. You can pick up the new jailbreak application – called Gregorian – now on the Cydia Store, and it’s available free of charge from Petrich’s beta repository.

The repo address is “” and you’ll need to add it to the “Sources” section of the Cydia app. Once you’ve done this, Gregorian will be available to download free for iOS devices running iOS 7.0 to iOS 7.0.6. The package is essentially a precise port of the iOS 7.1 Calendar application, meaning jailbreakers holding off on updating to the new mobile OS in order to preserve their jailbreak aren’t going to miss out on Calendar’s new events list feature.

As Apple explains online, the refreshed iOS 7.1 Calendar app allows users to check on a list of upcoming events displayed across multiple months on a single page. It’s a far easier way of gaining at-a-glance information concerning your upcoming schedule, and we’re really pleased to see it launch for pre-iOS 7.1 devices.

This isn’t the first time Ryan Petrich has saved jailbreakers from missing out by not updating their iOS firmware. Back when iOS 7.0.6 patched a serious SSL exploit in Apple’s mobile OS, Petrich released a similar patch that allowed jailbreakers to fix the vulnerability without having to lose their jailbreak.

Hopefully it won’t be too long until evasi0n7 is optimized for iOS 7.1, though as of this writing no information concerning a potential release has surfaced online. We’ll keep you posted on this front.

In the meantime, jailbreakers running an iOS 7.0.x-powered device can add the iOS 7.1 Calendar app to their iPhone now using Gregorian. As mentioned, it’s available free of charge from Ryan Petrich’s private repository.

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