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Cydia Tweak: SlideWeather Is A Less Intrusive Lock Screen Weather Package

Cydia Tweak: SlideWeather Is A Less Intrusive Lock Screen Weather Package

March 18, 2014

SlideWeather is a recent addition to the Cydia Store that provides jailbreakers with less intrusive, more minimalistic information on current weather conditions. The package does this through replacing the iOS Lock screen's “Slide to Unlock” text with a short weather report, and it can be downloaded now on the Cydia Store for just $1.00.

Once downloaded and installed, you can configure SlideWeather from the iOS Settings app. Here users can enable or disable the jailbreak tweak outright, and you can choose what the package replaces the Lock screen's “Slide to Unlock” text with.

By default, this will be the current temperature alongside a short description of the present conditions (such as “Fair” or “Partly Cloudy”). However, users can choose to have this text appear after another word (like “Currently”).

Much like the “Slide to Unlock” text, text added by SlideWeather shimmers while waiting for users to unlock the handset. Besides the text, however, nothing else is added to the Lock screen, making SlideWeather a minimalistic package that fits in well with Apple's iOS.

You can also alter how often SlideWeather fetches for data in the Settings app (the default setting is every 300 seconds). This provides users with the option of getting more up-to-the-minute weather reports using the package, though frequent data fetching will have a negative effect on battery life.

As mentioned, SlideWeather is available for $1.00 on the Cydia Store, and it's optimized for the iPhone and iPod touch only.

For a more fully featured Lock screen weather experience, consider taking iOS 7 LockScreen Weather for a spin. This package adds current weather data, forecasts, and icons to the iOS Lock screen, and it got a nice update soon after its original release. These additional features come at a higher price, though: iOS 7 LockScreen Weather is available for $1.49 on the Cydia Store.

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