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Macworld/iWorld 2014: Check Out Ring, A Wearable Input Device For iOS

Macworld/iWorld 2014: Check Out Ring, A Wearable Input Device For iOS

March 29, 2014

Over at Macworld we got to take a look at Ring: a wearable input device that’s compatible with Apple’s iOS. The interesting product, which allows users to perform tasks on the mobile OS by drawing gestures in mid-air, can be preordered now at Kickstarter for a pledge of $185 or more.

Ring (pictured above) is a futuristic product, for sure. As its name suggests, the accessory is a chunky ring, but one which can connect to mobile devices in order to make activating and interacting with an iPhone or iPad a little easier.

Our own Dom Esposito met with the team behind Ring at Macworld. Check out his video for a closer look at the product:

If you can’t see the above video, please click this link.

Though possible, I’m not sure text input is going to be Ring’s forte. The technology is clearly impressive, but touching to type is always going to be quicker for iOS users. Instead, I can really imagine Ring working as the perfect replacement for your Apple TV remote, allowing users to play and pause music and movies by performing one of the product’s simple gestures.

Indeed, one analyst – Brian White – has famously claimed that Apple should launch a similar accessory alongside a revamped Apple TV.

Until that happens, folks have the option of taking Ring for a spin instead. As mentioned, you can back the product for a pledge of $185 at Kickstarter, and its funding goal has already been achieved.

How do you like the look of Ring?

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