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This Clever Mac Utility Brings iOS Battery Notifications To The OS X Status Bar

This Clever Mac Utility Brings iOS Battery Notifications To The OS X Status Bar

March 7, 2014

One new Mac app promises to help iPhone and iPad owners keep a closer eye on their iOS device’s battery life. It’s a status bar utility called iBetterCharge, and once enabled, users can check on their mobile device’s battery levels and even receive power alerts on a Mac computer.

You can download the utility from Softorino, Inc. free of charge, and it’s incredibly simple to set up. All users need to do is enable Wi-Fi Sync on their iOS device and launch the iBetterCharge app on their Mac; after doing so, your iOS battery life levels will be accessible right from the OS X Status Bar.

The name of your iOS device will be displayed alongside an icon reflecting your current battery life and a percentage indicator.

In iBetterCharge’s preferences, users can configure how the utility sends out notifications – a slider toggle lets you choose a low-power alert (with options ranging from 50 percent to five percent), and fully-charged notifications can also be enabled, too.

Finally, you can set iBetterCharge to ignore one or other of your iOS devices.

As mentioned, you can pick up iBetterCharge online, and it’s available free for both OS X and Windows computers. This is a great utility, and even though my OS X Status Bar is getting pretty clogged, iBetterCharge is simply too useful to delete.

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