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Two Mac Applications Could Soon Make The Jump To Apple's iOS

Two Mac Applications Could Soon Make The Jump To Apple's iOS

March 13, 2014
Apple is expected to add two new iCloud apps for iOS, as well as launch better tools for developers to build “iCloud-infused” applications. The changes could arrive alongside iOS 8, according to 9to5Mac. Preview and TextEdit applications from Mac could make the jump to iOS before the end of this year. Neither, however, are being designed to edit PDFs, images, or text documents. Instead, they will allow iOS users to read these type of files when they are located on iCloud. The report notes:
Instead of using fully functional Preview and TextEdit applications on iOS, users will be encouraged to use the PDF management and editing functionality in the free iBooks applicationfrom the App Store and manage other documents via the iWork suite’s word processing application Pages. The apps will also bring improved feature parity between the two Apple operating systems.
At the same time, Apple is working on a new initiative that could make it simpler for developers to create apps that use iCloud. Currently, many have called this  “a complex and unreliable process.” The report warns, however, “the future developer tools, which have been tabled by Apple engineers in the past, may never ship.” Earlier this week, 9to5Mac said Apple is testing a separate iTunes Radio app for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad. The hope is to promote its presence in iOS and help spur growth in advertising revenue and usage. Other new features possibly arriving with iOS 8 include a revised Maps app, and a new Healthbook app. Apple is likely to unveil iOS 8 in June at this year's Worldwide Developers Conference. See also: Apple’s 2014 Product Launch Schedule Should Begin Next MonthApple Considers Mobile Payments To Be 'One Of The Thoughts Behind Touch ID, and As Of Its 6.1 Update, Apple TV Can Search For AirPlay Over Bluetooth.

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