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Apple Makes Another Significant Medical Device-Related Hire

Apple Makes Another Significant Medical Device-Related Hire

April 20, 2014

Apple has hired Divya Nag, “a rising star in the medical device community,” and has added her to the team believed to be developing its long anticipated iWatch, according to a recent article.

The news comes from 9to5mac, which draws attention to Nag’s many achievements in the medical field: “Nag made her entry into the medical technology world earlier this decade by co-founding Stem Cell Theranostics, a company that focuses on technologies for testing new medicines for the market and how the drugs will affect patients.”

Nag also founded StartX Med, “a medical vertical of StartX focused on accelerating the development of Stanford’s top medical entrepreneurs through experiential education and collective intelligence.”

The publication adds that all of these achievements won Nag a place on Forbes’ “30 Under 30” list earlier this year.

Apple is of course said to be working on a health and fitness-focused smart watch-style product, though at first glance it’s not immediately apparent how Nag could fit precisely into Apple’s plans. After checking on Nag’s LinkedIn profile, however, 9to5mac draws attention to one paragraph of particular interest:

Through StartX Med, Divya has operationally and strategically helped over 35 medical technology companies create product roadmaps, gain FDA approval, launch pilots with big provider networks like Stanford Hospital and MD Anderson, fundraise (over $100 Million in aggregate), and secure partnerships with top 10 pharmaceutical companies like Merck, Genentech, and Johnson & Johnson.

Nag’s experience with FDA approvals means she could help Cupertino actually launch its iWatch product and Healthbook software later this year. As a reminder, besides its anticipated iWatch, a Healthbook application is expected to offer iOS device users a Passbook-style hub for medical readings taken by the rumored wearable device.

Apple’s other recent iWatch- and Healthbook-related hires include Michael O’Reilly, M.D., former Chief Medical Officer at Masimo Corporation, and Marcelo Malini Lamego, the former CTO of Cercacor, a medical devices company.

All of this means we’re edging closer to the launch of “a new product category” from Cupertino. As usual, we’ll keep you updated with further information as we receive it.

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