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Greenpeace Blimp Praises Apple, Google For 'Building A Greener Internet'

Greenpeace Blimp Praises Apple, Google For 'Building A Greener Internet'

April 4, 2014

On the heels of its recent report concerning the eco-practices of the technology industry, Greenpeace on Thursday flew a blimp over Silicon Valley praising Apple, Google, and Facebook for “building a greener Internet.”

As a reminder, the three companies secured favorable marks in Greenpeace’s recently published report, with Apple in particular scoring 100 percent in the group’s green energy index. Google and Facebook were awarded impressive grades also, and Greenpeace once again congratulated the three companies by displaying their logos favorably on the side of its blimp, AppleInsider reports.

On the other side of the blimp, however, the environmental group took the opportunity to “call out” four companies which aren’t pushing on with renewable energy practices: alongside logos for Amazon, Netflix, Twitter, and Pinterest, Greenpeace asked “Who’s next to go green?”

As we explained in our recent article, the aforementioned Greenpeace report praised Apple’s eco-friendly data centers, which are powered by 100 percent renewable energy.

The iPhone maker scored an ‘A’ for energy transparency, commitment to renewable energy, and deployment thanks in large part to the fuel cell installation and solar farm at its datacenter in Maiden, N.C. Apple recorded a ‘B’ in the sole remaining category, energy efficiency and mitigation.

Back in February, Greenpeace also praised Apple for limiting its use of tantalum, a conflict material mined in regions including the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Here, war criminals turn over a huge profit through mining the mineral, however Apple confessed in its 2014 Supplier Responsibility Report that it’s having a harder time limiting its use of conflict-free tin, gold, and tungsten. This is because many smelters have so far refused to agree to audits.

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