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KGI Securities: iWatch Could Launch In Q3, May Cost Up To Thousands Of Dollars

KGI Securities: iWatch Could Launch In Q3, May Cost Up To Thousands Of Dollars

April 10, 2014

In a new research note from KGI Securities’ Ming-Chi Kuo, the analyst has outlined his predictions for Apple’s long-anticipated “iWatch” product.

The note, obtained by MacRumors, argues that we could see the iWatch launch as soon as Q3 2014, and explains that the product should come in 1.3-inch and 1.5-inch sizes. So-called “his and her” iWatches have been rumored before, though previous reports have suggested that the larger model could be 1.7-inches, rather than 1.5.

Kuo corroborates with recent reports, arguing that we’ll see a sapphire-coated, flexible AMOLED display launch with both iWatches, and he envisages multiple biometric sensors, integration with iOS and OS X, an NFC chip, and “a slim and light design,” according to the publication.

The analyst also emphasized that he’s expecting Apple to produce a fashionable accessory with its iWatch, and noted: “We are confident on Apple’s ability to make wearable devices with good fashion sense, which sets Apple apart from rivals.” In order to cater towards the entire wristwatch market, however, Kuo expects the iWatch to launch at multiple price points, and anticipates that the most expensive model will cost several thousands of dollars:

Fashion is the name of the game; most expensive model likely priced at several thousand U.S. dollars. Referring to the rules of the fashion market, we predict the iWatch casing and band will come in various materials. The most expensive model of the iWatch line will carry a price tag of several thousand U.S. dollars.

On a final note, the analyst adds that a built-in battery of between 200 and 250 mAh should feature in the iWatch, and he expects wireless charging technology to debut with the product. This battery would provide at least one day of battery life, however due to Apple’s “vertically integrated operating system and key components” he expects the iWatch’s battery to outdo that of its competitors.

Kuo thinks we could see the iWatch appear as soon as Q3 2014, and with a recent report arguing that a September launch is on the cards, we don’t have long to wait until Apple is expected to present its smart watch to the world.

We’ll keep you updated with further information as we receive it.

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