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TextExpander Gets Updated For iOS 7, Adds A Number Of New Features

TextExpander Gets Updated For iOS 7, Adds A Number Of New Features

April 2, 2014

TextExpander, the popular snippet-creation iOS app, has received an update adding a redesign for iOS 7, support for the iOS sharing view, external keyboard shortcuts, and much more. You can download the updated application for $4.99 on the App Store and it’s optimized for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Developed by Smile (the folks behind PDFpen), the revamped TextExpander makes a number of changes to the popular application. It’s been optimized for iOS 7 and has received a minor redesign bringing the app in line with Apple’s newer mobile OS, however TextExpander now also requires iOS 7 in order to run. As such, holdouts will have to update their iOS device before they can enjoy TextExpander’s most recent 2.5 release.

The iOS sharing pane is now supported for copy, email, and tweet actions, and a new “Organize” button allows users of the iOS app to easily move snippets around. There’s also a snippet preview view, improved support for VoiceOver, and Dynamic Type has been added to the snippet editor.

Smile has also included support for several iOS 7 keyboard shortcuts in TextExpander, and these include:

  • ⌘+ and ⌘- increase and decrease the font size of selected text
  • ⌘N creates a new snippet, group, or note
  • ⌘Return functions as Done, or shares snippet or note
  • Escape functions as Cancel
  • ⌘T toggles between Notes and Groups

Finally, a number of more minor alterations have been made to the $4.99 app. To recap, here’s a complete list of features, as outlined in the application’s release notes:

  • Updated for iOS 7, which is now required
  • Uses iOS’s sharing view for Copy / Email / Tweet actions
  • Adds group info view
  • Adds option to avoid expansion of specific groups on iOS
  • Adds Organize button to snippet editor to move a snippet to another group
  • Supports reordering groups in group list
  • Adds snippet preview view
  • Supports Dynamic Type in snippet editor
  • Improves support for VoiceOver
  • Adds support for hardware keyboard commands
  • Adds swipe left to preview snippet from snippet editor
  • Adds swipe right to return to previous view where appropriate
  • Adds three finger tap to share snippet or note, two finger swipe left to copy
  • Adds onboarding introduction

The one downside to TextExpander is that due to restrictions imposed by Apple, the app’s snippets only work inside of apps which have added support for the TextExpander Touch SDK. However, users can compose messages inside of the TextExpander app before sending them over to first- or third-party iOS software, and a growing number of iOS applications have received updates adding support for TextExpander (including Byword, Day One, and Drafts).

You can download the recently updated TextExpander on the App Store now, and it’s available for $4.99.

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