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Apple's WWDC Keynote Address To Feature Many Promises, Few Surprises

Apple's WWDC Keynote Address To Feature Many Promises, Few Surprises

May 22, 2014
Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) kicks off on Monday, June 2 with the keynote address. What goodies will Tim Cook and company announce that day? We have some ideas.

iOS 8

This is an easy one. Apple will unveil iOS 8 during the keynote address. Soon after, developers will gain access to the first of many betas heading up to the general iOS 8 release in the fall. Given the significant number of changes Apple made between iOS 6 and iOS 7, we don’t expect all that much from iOS 8. Most of the changes will be under-the-hood. The biggest question: Can Apple announce a HealthBook app without also announcing the so-called "iWatch?"

OS X 10.10

Earlier this month, 9to5Mac reported that the focus at this year’s WWDC may be on OS X 10.10, not iOS 8. According to that report, Apple is moving iOS user interface developers to the OS X teams. This is because OS X 10.10 will “feature an end-to-end redesign, not dissimilar from the scope of the changes to the iPhone and iPad operating system with iOS 7 last year.” As a result, “Apple wants to heavily promote the new system to developers.” Though the two operating systems aren’t being merged as once was believed, OS X 10.10 will look a lot like iOS 7. It will feature “similar toggle designs to iOS 7, sharper window corners, more defined icons across the system, and more white space than the current version.” The biggest question: From where in California will OS X 10.10 get its name?

iTunes Radio Redux 

No one should call Apple’s iTunes Radio service a failure. However, it probably hasn’t been as successful as the suits in Cupertino, California had wanted. Because of this, we expect to see some big changes arrive for the streaming music service. First, iOS 8 is likely to introduce a separate iTunes Radio app. This app will probably feature Shazam-integration (take that, Facebook) and other enhancements. Apple’s rumored purchase of Beats Audio could also pave the way for a iTunes premium streaming service that will compete with Spotify, Rdio, and others. The biggest question: Will Beats Music die after the keynote?

New hardware

Apple has traditionally used the WWDC keynote to announce new hardware. While new iOS devices are probably off the table until the fall, new Macs should be making an appearance. Expect to see a next-generation MacBook Pro. An updated Apple TV is less likely, as is a Retina display MacBook Air. The biggest question: Will a Beats Audio-linked new product be announced?

Few surprises

Tim Cook-led addresses have never included the surprise element like that of his predecessor. Therefore, we don’t expect “one more thing” on June 2. Instead, we’ll be reminded that great things are coming in the weeks and months ahead. The biggest question: How many videos will Cook introduce this year? The 2014 WWDC keynote address begins at 10 a.m. PDT on June 2. As usual, AppAdvice will be providing full coverage of the keynote and its aftermath.

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