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Popular Nintendo DS War-Game Now Available For iPad As Panzer Tactics HD

Popular Nintendo DS War-Game Now Available For iPad As Panzer Tactics HD

May 22, 2014

Panzer Tactics DS, the popular turn-based tactical game for Nintendo DS, has been remade for iPad. Appropriately featuring HD graphics for Apple's HD device, the remake is called Panzer Tactics HD.

Just launched in the App Store, Panzer Tactics HD offers the original's war-themed strategic gameplay for iPad gamers. The game, which is set in 1939 Europe, puts you right in the middle of World War II. It features three mission-extensive campaigns, challenging you to come up with tactics as part of the German Wehrmacht, the Soviet Red Army, and the Western Allies.

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Panzer Tactics HD has the following key features:

  • An exciting single-player campaign on the side of the German army. The Soviet army and Western Allies campaigns can be purchased separately.
  • Up to 33 exhilarating historical missions, including covert operations behind enemy lines. 11 missions are already included in the basic version.
  • Over 150 different units, be it at sea, on land or in the air
  • Gripping tactical battles: Turn-based battles with plenty of depth!
  • Up to 33 heroic officers that help motivate their units. 11 generals are already included in the basic version.
  • Use the different terrain, weather and seasons to your advantage!
  • Challenging combat: Every move needs to be well thought out and can be the deciding factor between victory or defeat.
  • High replay value: Engage in thrilling combat in scenarios against the AI.

Compatible with iPad running iOS 6.0 or later, Panzer Tactics HD is available now in the App Store for $4.99, with in-app purchases offered for unlocking additional campaigns.

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