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This Spectacular Concept Of A Redesigned iTunes Is Inspired By iOS 7

This Spectacular Concept Of A Redesigned iTunes Is Inspired By iOS 7

May 22, 2014
While we’ve shown you a number of iWatch and iPhone 6 concepts, Hawaii college student Brye Kobayashi decided to take it upon himself to redesign another Apple product – the OS X version of iTunes. He first identified six issues with the current version of the software:
● Drop down menu to switch libraries is confusing and adds another unnecessary step. ● Narrow rows and small text reduces visibility. ● Disconnect between old and new design style. ● Multiple scrolling lists and small banners overwhelm the experience. ● Home page cluttered with random assortment of media. ● Quick links are mostly pointless and take up valuable x-axis space.
Then taking a big dose of inspiration from iOS 7, Kobayashi lays out his vision for a “remastered” iTunes on his blog. The results are pretty staggering, and quite beautiful. Probably my favorite is a new library experience that looks great. He also offers a great new take on the iTunes Store and device management section. I definitely recommend heading over to Kobayashi’s blog and seeing some of the other screenshots. Kobayashi says his dream is to work for Apple. And I hope someone at the company will take notice. I would actually enjoy using iTunes if it looked like this. For other news today, see: Apple's WWDC Keynote Address To Feature Many Promises, Few Surprises, Apple Promises A Fix To An Annoying iMessage Bug That Hurts Former iOS Users, and Osmo Is A New Gaming Device For iPad That Encourages Kids To Think Outside The Box. Via: iClarified

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