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Could OS X 10.10 Borrow Control Center And More From iOS 7?

Could OS X 10.10 Borrow Control Center And More From iOS 7?

June 2, 2014

Later today, we're expecting Apple to unveil both iOS 8 and OS X 10.10, the next-generation iterations of its mobile and desktop operating systems. Following previous rumors indicating as much, however, it now seems more likely than ever that OS X is set to further borrow from core elements of Apple's iOS.

In a recently published Reddit post (via MacRumors), purported images of OS X 10.10 were shown off, picturing a version of the desktop OS that featured a Control Center panel complete with a selection of options.

Concerning the purported images, MacRumors notes that Control Center for OS X appears to feature Airplane Mode and Do Not Disturb buttons, an “About this Mac” icon, and System Preferences. Also available are:

(…) buttons with drop down menu functionality for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth along with a screen brightness slider, followed by audio controls that include the ability to display album art. The next section includes a volume slider, as well as AirDrop and AirPlay buttons. At the very bottom of the pane is a set of four buttons that appear to be for system sleep, log out, restart, and shutdown.

Further changes shown off in the images include an updated Notification Center featuring a “Today” view, a redesigned, iPad-inspired Safari user interface (UI), and an updated Finder app icon.

Previously, we'd heard that Apple was shifting the focus away from iOS 8 for WWDC and would instead concentrate on OS X 10.10 (codename: “Syrah”). Though the two operating systems are no longer set to be merged as previously rumored, we explained at the time that Cupertino is nevertheless expected to further infuse its desktop OS with elements of iOS in OS X 10.10.

If legitimate, the aforementioned images indeed indicate that this will be the case.

Don't forget, AppAdvice will be reporting live from WWDC later today. Besides publishing news stories on the event as Cupertino's announcements are made, we'll also be running a dedicated live blog, too.


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