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Following Apple's Policy Change, Bitcoin Apps Re-Enter The App Store

Following Apple's updated guidelines for the allowable use of "approved" virtual currency transactions in third-party iOS apps, certain iOS apps that deal in Bitcoin have been approved for availability on the App Store. As reported by Coindesk (via The Next Web), Apple's policy change has led to the approval of standalone Bitcoin wallet apps, one of the first being Coin Pocket. Coin Pocket allows users to send and receive Bitcoin (similar to the booted Blockchain and Coinbase apps) and comes with the following additional features:
  • Sweep Private Keys in HEX, WIF, or BIP38 format.
  • QR Code Scanner.
  • Export BIP38 private key for backup.
  • Multiple sources for BTC to USD conversion.
Apart from wallet apps, other kinds of apps that enable Bitcoin transactions, without having to give Apple its usual 30-percent commission on in-app purchases, have been approved. These include eGifter, which allows users to purchase gift cards using Bitcoin, and Betcoin, a simple betting game played with the popular virtual currency. Coin Pocket, eGifter, and Betcoin are all available on the App Store for free. See also: The AppAdvice Week In Review: The World Cup, iOS 8 And More, Future iOS Device Displays Could Be Manufactured By A Foxconn-Sharp Partnership, and Apple Rumored To Have Enough Sapphire For Both iPhone 6 Handsets, iWatch.
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