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In iOS 8 Beta 2, Browsing Photos In The Messages App Is A Lot Easier

In iOS 8 Beta 2, Browsing Photos In The Messages App Is A Lot Easier

June 18, 2014
Another change made in iOS 8 beta 2 concerns the Messages app: now, users can scroll through the contents of their Photos application when looking for an image to embed in a message thread. The new method makes it much easier (and quicker) to find the image you're looking for, since it doesn't force users to launch the Photos app's user interface (UI) in full. Cult of Mac noticed the change in iOS 8 beta 2, which launched yesterday and makes a number of other relatively minor alterations to Apple's mobile operating system. These include a new "Home Data" section in the Settings app, a refreshed look for the iBooks app, and QuickType keyboard support for the iPad. The aforementioned change to the Messages app, however, is indeed a welcome addition, too. Cult of Mac explains:
Messages in iOS 8 beta 2 has been updated with a new scrolling camera roll to provide fast access to all your pics, without having to jump out of the app and dive through your Photo Library. To access the new feature, users just tap on the new grey camera icon inside any Messages conversation and the new menu will display a scrollable photo section of all the pics in your Recently Added album.
The feature definitely looks like it'll come in handy; anything that makes it easier to perform tasks on iOS while on the go will clearly be appreciated by Apple's user base. Speaking of images in iOS 8, Apple also added a new Time-Lapse mode to the Camera application in the eighth iteration of its mobile OS. We got to take a closer look at the new mode when an iOS developer uploaded a video showing off some of his Time-Lapse creations; as you can see, the results speak for themselves. Apple's iOS 8 is expected to launch for the general public in fall alongside a new iPhone 6 handset. We'll keep you updated with further information as we receive it.

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