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Take A Closer Look At Apple's New 'Time Lapse' Camera Feature In iOS 8

Take A Closer Look At Apple's New 'Time Lapse' Camera Feature In iOS 8

June 9, 2014
Apple has indeed added an interesting "Time Lapse" feature in iOS 8, allowing users to capture slow-moving subjects across a series of timed images. Now, one YouTube user has taken Time Lapse for a spin in iOS 8 beta 1 and has shared his experiences in a recent video. We first explained last week that Time Lapse was being added as a shooting option to the built-in Camera app in iOS 8. The change meant that users would be able to shoot time lapses simply by selecting the new mode from inside the application, positioning their iOS device accordingly, and kick-starting the capture process. Our article continued:
Time-lapse works by auto-shooting an image at a preconfigured interval, though we’re not exactly sure how the feature is going to pan out on iOS. Usually, collected images are combined in order to make a video-like piece of media, with the interval used depending on the focus of your time-lapse.
The new YouTube video, posted by the popular YouTuber iTwe4kz (via 9to5mac), now provides iOS device owners with an idea of how their iOS-captured time lapse creations could look. He's used the feature to shoot a sunrise, a car journey, burning candles, and more. Check out the video: If you can't see the above video, please click this link. Impressive, right? As mentioned, the new Time Lapse mode is available to access in iOS 8 beta 1. Besides the new feature, Cupertino has also made a slew of improvements to the built-in Photos app, meaning iPhoneographers should be more than happy with the software update when it launches publicly in fall. For a look back at our WWDC coverage, click this link. We'll keep you updated with further information as we receive it. See also: Remember To Keep Count With The New Version Of Colorful Tally App Counters•, Slow Shutter! Goes 2.0 With New Features For Better Long-Exposure Photography, and Unread For iPad Unfolds With Same Great Features As Original iPhone Version.

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