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Two New Features Discovered In Apple’s iOS 8 Beta 2

Two New Features Discovered In Apple’s iOS 8 Beta 2

June 19, 2014
Apple loves announcing new iOS versions at the company's annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). Once the show is over, however, it's up to developers to find new features in each software beta version. Two new tools have been found in the recently released iOS 8 beta 2. One of the nicest features in Google’s Chrome for iOS app is the ability to request a desktop version of a mobile site. This functionality is now available through mobile Safari, according to iDownloadBlog. Beta users can find this new feature in iOS 8 beta 2 by tapping on Safari’s address bar, which reveals icons for bookmarks and frequently visited websites. Pulling down on this menu reveals two new options: Add to Favorites and Request Desktop Site. I really enjoy using the desktop feature in Chrome. Hopefully, Apple keeps it around in the final release of iOS 8. Meanwhile, MacRumors notes the uncovering of a hidden “city tours” flyover feature in iOS 8 Maps. First discovered by developer Pierre Blasquez, the feature isn’t currently available by default in iOS 8 beta 2. Thankfully, Blasquez partnered with Mac4Ever to produce a video of the new feature, explaining:
At the moment, only the cities of Rome, Stockholm, Barcelona, New York, Paris, Glasgow, Cape Town, Perth, Bordeaux and the San Francisco Bay are available. One imagines that the visit was carefully prepared manually, and the list is therefore extend gradually over time. (sic)
Take a look: Apple is likely to release iOS 8 this fall. For more on iOS 8 beta 2, see: In iOS 8 Beta 2, Browsing Photos In The Messages App Is A Lot EasierSee What’s New In Apple’s iOS 8 Beta 2, and Should You Upgrade To Apple's iOS 8 Beta 2 Or OS X Yosemite Update 1.0?

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