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Chess meets zombies in the upcoming Kings & Corpses for iOS

Chess meets zombies in the upcoming Kings & Corpses for iOS

July 22, 2014

Kings & Corpses, an upcoming iOS game from developer Danny Perski, combines the classic game of chess with a deathly zombie threat. It’s due to launch on the App Store this Thursday, and from where we stand the title definitely looks interesting.

Based on a trailer video for the app that reached us from TouchArcade, it appears that Kings & Corpses charges players with using a series of pawns to protect their king. The website explains:

you’ll be doing that by strategically maneuvering your pawns and using them for cannon fodder against the zombies. The levels in Kings & Corpses are randomly generated too, so it’s different each time you play.

Gameplay seems to be turn-based, and no other chess pieces make an appearance in the application (resulting in a more refined experience, we’d imagine). In terms of design, the app situates colored pieces against a white background; it seems to feature its own in-game music, too.

Take a look at the aforementioned trailer and see what you think:

If you can’t see the above video, please click this link.

Finally, we also heard from TouchArcade that Kings & Corpses was reportedly built “in just a couple of weeks for a class project,” and as such we’re even more impressed with the upcoming title.

Kings & Corpses should launch on the App Store this Thursday; we’ll let you know once it’s available to download.

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