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Linky Now Lets You Post Links To Facebook In Addition To Twitter And

Linky Now Lets You Post Links To Facebook In Addition To Twitter And

July 1, 2014

Linky, the quick and easy link posting app developed by Pragmatic Code, has just received a major update highlighted by the addition of support for a major social network.

Launched in May 2011 as Tweet It (signifying its original Twitter-only integration), Linky is an iOS app that lets you easily post webpage links from the in-app browser or from Safari or Chrome directly to Twitter and — and following its latest update, to Facebook as well.

That's right. In addition to Twitter and, Facebook is now one of the social networks that you can post to right from Linky. To start using Linky with Facebook, just sign in to the social network using iOS' built-in single sign-on feature. You can post to Facebook profiles and Facebook pages. Note, though, that posting to the latter type of Facebook accounts requires Linky Pro.

As with Twitter and, Linky automatically inserts the link title and address in a post. It also shortens links upon sending of posts to provide analytics.

The latest update to Linky also brings full support for Apple's A7 64-bit processor on iPhone 5s, iPad Air, and iPad mini with Retina display. Moreover, it adds a preference setting for resetting caches and clearing the browser history including cookies. It also reorganizes the settings screen to improve clarity.

The new version of Linky also includes the following message composer improvements:

  • Swipe left/right in the message composer to move the cursor.
  • Shake-to-undo is now supported in the compose screen. You can also undo commands like inserting title/url, clearing text.
  • No more distracting animation when the value of the message character counter changes.
  • Composer screen first-apparition doesn't freeze anymore.
  • Pro-tip: Tap on the counter in the composer screen to clear the text.

Linky is available on the App Store for free, with a one-time $1.99 in-app purchase offered for unlocking Pro features. It's compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad running iOS 7.0 or later.

Linky was updated and redesigned for iOS 7 though its 3.0 update last October.

For more information on Linky, check out our “hidden gem” review of the app here on AppAdvice.

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