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Petey Pendant Goes On A Blitz Trip In Sequel To Hit Puzzle Platformer Sky Tourist

Petey Pendant Goes On A Blitz Trip In Sequel To Hit Puzzle Platformer Sky Tourist

July 9, 2014
The acclaimed vertical-scrolling physics-based puzzle platformer game Sky Tourist is set to get a sequel of sorts in the form of Sky Tourist Blitz Trip. Sky Tourist has you guiding the title character, Petey Pendant, whose preferred mode of interplanetary travel is a pair of rockets connected by a cord on which he can be pendent, like a pendant. Sky Tourist features three planets for Petey to explore, each comprising 25 levels: Plumia, Platory, and Protor. Now, the upcoming Sky Tourist Blitz Trip sees Petey discovering the east side of Plumia across 60 puzzling levels that are considerably quicker yet no less tricky to conquer. Take a look at the game's trailer: If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. Sky Tourist Blitz Trip lets you do and experience the following:
  • Swing among floating islands and structures!
  • Take one of the many scenic routes!
  • Solve physics and time based puzzles!
  • Avoid traps and hostile inhabitants!
  • Innovative game-play mechanics
  • Cute characters with a great story
  • 60 Beautiful levels
  • Stunning soundtracks
  • Game Center
Sky Tourist Blitz Trip is scheduled to be launched on the App Store on Thursday, July 10. The original Sky Tourist is available on the App Store for $1.99. Sky Tourist was named AppAdvice's Game of the Week shortly after its release in July last year. For more information on Sky Tourist, check out our original review, which recommends the game "if you’re looking for something that’s beautiful, original, and challenging."

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