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We have liftoff: Starborn Anarkist's anticipated update blasts into the App Store

We have liftoff: Starborn Anarkist's anticipated update blasts into the App Store

July 16, 2014

Starborn Anarkist, the popular refuse game set in outer space, has received its anticipated update adding a ton of new content to the application.

Optimized for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and available on the App Store for $1.99, the revamped Starborn Anarkist delivers on its developer’s previous promise to bring users a quality first update to the application.

Changes are aplenty, and include Game Center leaderboards, enhanced control options, new ship parts, enemies, and achievements, one-off bonuses, and in-game rewards for referring friends.

Plus, a selection of tweaks have been made to the app: harder bosses, a more challenging “Red Super Mode,” more accurate garage stats, and more accurate information on achievement progress have all been added to Starborn Anarkist.

Finally, it’s now possible for all achievements to be unlocked by users thanks to a more minor fix.

Here’s a complete list of changes made in Starborn Anarkist 1.1, as outlined in the app’s release notes:

  • Leaderboards
  • New control options
  • New ship parts
  • New enemies
  • New achievements
  • One-off bonuses
  • Rewards for referring friends
  • Harder bosses
  • Turned off friendly-fire for red super mode
  • Garage stats are more accurate
  • More accurate achievement progress info
  • All achievements are now possible

You can download Starborn Anarkist 1.1 on the App Store now, and it’s optimized for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

As mentioned, while the update is free to download for owners of the app, the game itself can be purchased for $1.99.

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