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AppAdvice International: AppleCare+, Russia and a new store in Turkey

AppAdvice International: AppleCare+, Russia and a new store in Turkey

August 5, 2014


First this week, Apple launched its AppleCare+ program in two new countries: Mexico and Sweden. The plan sees customers receive a second year of hardware protection for new iPhone and iPad devices; at the same time, Cupertino has also extended premium telephone support in both countries from 90 days to two years.

As our previous article explained, in Sweden Apple’s AppleCare+ programs for the iPhone and iPad are priced at 799 kroner ($128). In Mexico, however, AppleCare+ coverage can be purchased for 1,599 pesos ($117).

AppleCare+ is now available in Austria, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States. We’ll let you know as and when Apple adds more countries to this selection.

In the meantime, customers in Mexico and Sweden can now indeed purchase AppleCare+ either online or inside Apple Retail Stores.


Controversially, Russia has requested that Apple hand over its source code for both OS X and iOS this week in order to ensure that “their widely used products are not tools for spying on state institutions.”

The request, which aims “to ensure the rights of consumers and corporate users to the privacy of their personal data, as well as for state security interests,” places Apple in a tricky position. Our article noted at the time:

A computer’s source code is considered the “crown jewels” for any software maker. Most commercial software companies refuse to give it away to third-parties.

As such, it came as no surprise to hear that Apple declined to comment on the matter.


In more positive news, Apple is reportedly set to open its second retail store in Turkey this fall.

Located at the Akasya Shopping Center in the former Turkish capital of Istanbul, the store’s construction is already well underway; “photos taken from the construction site show the shop’s front glass exterior emblazoned with the Apple logo already in place and its interior flooring and display tables being laid out by workers,” we explained earlier this week.

Apple’s first retail store in Turkey launched in Istanbul last April, and this came some five months after Cupertino launched its Apple Online Store in the country. We’ll let you know once more information on the upcoming retail store reaches us.

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