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Apple releases a diversity report on its workforce

Apple releases a diversity report on its workforce

August 12, 2014
Mirroring other tech companies, Apple has today released a diversity report highlighting its workforce. Worldwide, Apple’s workforce is 70 percent male and 30 percent female. In tech positions, that number jumps to 80 percent male. At least in the United States, 55 percent of Apple’s workforce is white, 15 percent Asian, 11 percent Hispanic, and 7 percent black. Nine percent of employees didn’t declare a race, while 2 percent listed two or more races. One percent selected “other.” And CEO Tim Cook, in an open letter on the report's site, says Apple is striving to do even better:
Apple is committed to transparency, which is why we are publishing statistics about the race and gender makeup of our company. Let me say up front: As CEO, I’m not satisfied with the numbers on this page. They’re not new to us, and we’ve been working hard for quite some time to improve them. We are making progress, and we’re committed to being as innovative in advancing diversity as we are in developing our products.
You can take a look at the complete report here. For other news today, see: Apple is offering a $25 iTunes gift card with an Apple TV purchase, Apple is encouraging first time App Store visitors to download the Beats Music app, and Enterprise continues to embrace iOS, Apple.

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