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Apple Stores are now replacing iPhone 5s screens on-site

Apple Stores are now replacing iPhone 5s screens on-site

August 5, 2014

Apple Retail Stores are now replacing damaged iPhone 5s screens on-site, according to a recent report.

The news, which reached us from AppleInsider, was expected: last week we heard that on-site screen replacements for the handset would begin on Monday, Aug. 4.

AppleInsider notes that this indeed occurred – iPhone 5s screen repairs are now offered in Apple Retail Stores and take as little as one hour, the publication adds. At present, it seems the initiative is limited to the United States, and the price paid by customers will vary depending on their individual circumstances.

The website explains:

Depending on how the screen was broken, and whether the hardware is protected by AppleCare+, owners are likely to pay $149 per repair, which is much less than the $269 fee quoted for off-site replacements. Accidental breakage is not covered under Apple’s free limited one-year warranty.

The machine used to install displays is said to be the same device used by Apple Retail Stores to replace iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c screens (pictured above). As of this writing, however, it seems that the machine’s availability “is not yet guaranteed at all locations” in the United States.

We’ll keep you updated with further information as we receive it.

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