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Further proof that Apple's next iPhone will support NFC

Further proof that Apple's next iPhone will support NFC

August 27, 2014

Recent news suggests Apple’s next iPhone will support near-field communication (NFC) technology. The latest leak comes from a MacRumors forum member, who believes they have found where the NFC chip resides in both the long-rumored 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch “iPhone 6.”

Earlier this month, Chinese repair firm GeekBar, via social network Weibo, posted a rumored wiring schematic of the iPhone 6 NFC chip. The information shows wiring from a PN65V NFC chip produced by NXP Semiconductors. A similar chip from the same company is used in a number of Android devices, according to AppAdvice’s Brent Dirks.

Forum member chrmjenkins recently pointed toward a document showing the package used by NXP for its PN65, noting that it measures 5 mm by 5 mm with 32 terminals for connectivity. Based on examining the bare logic boards from both of Apple’s likely handsets, they believe they have spotted where that chip will be located.

MacRumors notes:

The location on the board is a square patch that does not correspond to any component from the iPhone 5s logic board, indicating that it may indeed be for a new component such as an NFC chip. Existing components may of course see changes in shape between generations, but many of the current major components can be mapped reasonably well to locations on the iPhone 6 logic boards, leaving relatively few candidates for this new square patch.

NFC has long been a missing component on iPhones. The technology is often used for payment services, but Apple has increasingly turned to Bluetooth LE and iBeacons for its short-range wireless plans. Were Apple to unveil NFC-supported iPhones, it could tie-in with Apple’s long-rumored mobile payment service.

The next iPhone is expected to make its debut on Tuesday, Sept. 9.

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