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Apple adds two-factor authentication security feature to

Apple adds two-factor authentication security feature to

September 16, 2014

Briefly tested back in June, Apple has now officially rolled out its two-factor authentication program to

Any user who has enabled the extra security feature will need to authenticate their identity before being able to access Mail, Contacts, Reminders, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote online. Find My iPhone is still available without authentication.

The two-factor verification program is optional for users and was rolled out back in 2013. The system requires that a user has access to one of their trusted devices. It also requires identity verification before making changes to an account or processing an iTunes/App Store purchase from a new device.

For complete instructions on how to turn the extra security on, visit Apple’s site.

Security, as you probably know, once again became a hot topic after the nude celebrity photo leak earlier this month. At that time, Apple CEO Tim Cook promised to turn on the two-factor system for iCloud’s site.

The two-factor security program is now available in 59 countries.

Even if you don’t have the security feature turned on, Apple has also recently launched a new security alert.

Whenever is accessed from a new computer and/or Web browser, Apple will inform users with an email alert. Users will also receive a one-time alert whenever they access the site from a previously used browser.

If you haven’t already, definitely look at enabling two-factor authentication for your Apple ID. Even though it’s not a perfect solution, it does help add another layer of security.

Image via: MacRumors

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