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Apple launches new $10,000 scholarship program as part of its push for diversity

Apple launches new $10,000 scholarship program as part of its push for diversity

September 3, 2014

As part of its efforts to promote inclusion and diversity, Apple has launched a new scholarship program that offers to help individuals of certain racial and gender backgrounds with their technical education.

Called Product Integrity Inclusion and Diversity Engineering Scholarship, the program is named after Apple’s Product Integrity group, which comprises Hardware Reliability, Product Safety, Environmental Technologies, and Hardware and Software Test Engineering.

In keeping with Apple’s push for diversity, the scholarship is open to “women, black/African American, Hispanic, or Native American students who are attending an accredited U.S. university and continuing their education in Fall 2015.” The program seeks to award a $10,000 scholarship to each of two chosen applicants.

Two new listings on Apple’s job search page explain how qualified individuals can apply for the scholarship. One of the listings requires a proposal for “adding a new sensor to an Apple product” and the other requires one for “the design of a test track for a vehicle that will transport astronauts on Europa (one of Jupiter’s many moons).”

Grantees will be notified by Apple by the end of January 2015.

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In addition to announcing its new scholarship program, Apple has released a new video (shown above) celebrating inclusion and diversity within the company.

Like its previous diversity video, the new video proclaims Apple’s diversity manifesto as narrated by Denise Young Smith, Apple’s Vice President of Human Resources. It also features Apple’s diverse employee population (including Eddy Cue, Apple’s SVP of Internet Software and Services) and highlights Apple’s diversity motto, “Inclusion inspires innovation.”

According to the diversity report it released last month, Apple is home to a worldwide workforce that’s 70 percent male and 30 percent female. In the U.S., 55 percent of Apple’s workforce is white, 15 percent Asian, 11 percent Hispanic, and 7 percent black.

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