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Create, explore and endure in the official iOS game of 'Interstellar'

Create, explore and endure in the official iOS game of 'Interstellar'

September 25, 2014

“Interstellar” is not out in theaters for over a month, but its U.S. distributor, Paramount Pictures, has released its official iOS game.

Also called Interstellar, the game offers a simulation of interstellar travel with realistic physics and gravitational fields based on Newtonian principles.

The game lets you create your own solar system with custom planets, stars, and other heavenly bodies. It then lets you pilot the Endurance spaceship across various solar systems by using wormholes and while minding the attendant threats of fuel shortage and proximity to black holes.

Take a look:

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As outlined by Paramount, Interstellar lets you:

  • Create your own solar system and share it with friends
  • Customize planets, stars and asteroids
  • Pilot the Endurance through friend’s and other player¹s solar systems
  • See how far you can explore without running out of fuel
  • Slingshot between planets and return research data to Earth
  • Navigate past massive black holes
  • Upgrade your ship to increase durability and range
  • Earn mission patches for completing objectives

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, Interstellar is available now on the App Store for free.

Directed by Christopher Nolan (“Inception,” “The Dark Knight Trilogy”) and starring Matthew McConaughey (“The Dallas Buyers Club, “True Detective”), “Interstellar” is scheduled to hit theaters on Nov. 7.

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