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T-Mobile will now provide free Wi-Fi calling on all smartphones, including the iPhone 6

T-Mobile will now provide free Wi-Fi calling on all smartphones, including the iPhone 6

September 10, 2014

Just a day after Apple introduced the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, T-Mobile has unveiled it latest Uncarrier initiative.

The biggest news is the carrier now promises that all new smartphones on a Simple Choice plan will be able to use the free Wi-Fi calling and texting feature. That allows users to take calls and send messages with just a wireless Internet signal.

Both of Apple’s new handsets support the feature.

T-Mobile customers will also be able to make free Wi-Fi calls with their handset to anywhere outside the country.

For anyone who doesn’t own a handset with the Wi-Fi calling feature, the carrier is opening its Jump upgrade program for a limited time so users can purchase a new phone.

Starting next Wednesday, Sept. 17, T-Mobile users can also receive a Personal CellSpot for their home to help improve their cellular signal. It requires a $25 refundable deposit.

Finally, T-Mobile announced a new partnership with in-flight Wi-Fi provider Gogo. Starting next week, users will be able to receive unlimited text and picture messages and can check their visual voicemail on any U.S.-based flight with the service for free.

Rival carrier Sprint has also made an aggressive play for new subscribers looking to purchase an iPhone 6.

Its new iPhone for Life plan allows customers to lease an iPhone with unlimited data, texting, and calling for $70 a month.

No matter what carrier you’re using, competition is definitely a good thing. I’m pleased to see such aggressive moves from both T-Mobile and Sprint. Hopefully it will be enough for giants AT&T and Verizon to notice. Competition is never a bad thing.

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