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Recently hired Apple designer Marc Newson interviewed by Dezeen magazine

Recently hired Apple designer Marc Newson interviewed by Dezeen magazine

October 2, 2014

Earlier today, Vogue published an interview with Apple design chief Jony Ive aka “The Man Behind the Apple Watch.” Now, Dezeen has posted an interview with Ive’s longtime friend and new colleague at Apple, Marc Newson.

The popular design magazine’s interview (via 9to5Mac) is predicated on Newson’s latest product, a Mac Pro-esque domestic draft beer machine designed for the Dutch brewing company Heineken. But unsurprisingly, it also touches upon the renowned industrial designer’s new job at Apple, which he took shortly before the unveiling of the Apple Watch.

Apple’s PR team forbids Newson to comment on his contribution, if any, to the design of the Apple Watch and on whatever he’s working on at Apple. However, he says that his role at Apple “doesn’t necessitate all of my time” and it’s “for very specific reasons.” This allows him to keep his own company, remain based in the U.K., and continue working on projects outside Apple.

In light of the anticipated release of the Apple Watch early next year, Newson, who has himself designed a number of timepieces, is finally asked about the future of traditional watches.

“There will always be a place for mechanical watches,” he replies. “Apart from telling the time – which is all they do – they’re about something completely different. You know, I think that the mechanical watch industry will continue to exist in much the same way as it does right now.”

Interestingly, this somewhat contradicts the supposed sentiment of Ive, who reportedly said that the Apple Watch could spell “trouble” for conventional watchmakers.

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