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Apple's iOS 8 is now running on 60 percent of iOS devices

Apple's iOS 8 is now running on 60 percent of iOS devices

November 27, 2014

The latest major version of Apple’s mobile operating system is now running on 60 percent of iOS devices.

That much is said by Apple in the newly updated pie chart displayed on its developer portal, which indicates iOS distribution as measured by the App Store a couple of days ago, Nov. 24. According to the chart, iOS 8’s predecessor, iOS 7, is now used on 35 percent of devices, and earlier versions of iOS are now running on just 5 percent.

Apple released iOS 8 on Sept. 17.

A week after its release and just days after the launch of the iOS 8-powered iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, iOS 8 was reported to have been running on 46 percent of devices. Two weeks later, its adoption went up a mere one percent, followed by another percent point increase a week later, with the software’s slow initial adoption attributed to its large storage space requirement and the disaster that was iOS 8.0.1.

But two weeks later, following the release of iOS 8.1 and the launch of the iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini 3, iOS 8 saw a not insignificant four percent increase in adoption. Then, another two weeks later, it rose another four percent to 56 percent.

Now, in the span of another two weeks (which saw the release of iOS 8.1.1), iOS 8 adoption has gone up another four percentage points all the way to 60 percent.

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