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Jawbone introduces two new fitness bands, the UP3 and UP Move

Jawbone introduces two new fitness bands, the UP3 and UP Move

November 5, 2014

Just in time for the holidays, Jawbone has announced the arrival of two new fitness bands.

The UP3 is being called “the world’s most advanced fitness tracker.” It features a number of new sensors that help monitor heart rate, temperature, and more. The new wearable device also tracks detailed sleep stages including REM, light, and deep sleep.


Designed by Yves Behar, the UP3 is water resistant up to 10 meters and has a battery that will last up to seven days before needing to be recharged.

The UP3 is priced at $179.99 and begins shipping in December.


The new UP Move looks a lot like Misfit’s Shine activity monitor. The Move can be worn as a clip-on, or fastened to a wrist with a band accessory. It features a hidden LED display that shows your process. Press once to display your step progress, twice to display the time, and three times to display your sleep from the prior night.

The UP Move has a replaceable battery that lasts up to six months. It is priced at $49.99 and begins shipping by the end of November.

Both the UP3 and UP Move work with the free UP app for the iPhone/iPod touch.

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Mentioned apps

UP - Tracker Required (UP/UP24/UP MOVE)
UP - Tracker Required (UP/UP24/UP MOVE)

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