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A new report says that the Apple Watch will only be available at your local Apple Store

A new report says that the Apple Watch will only be available at your local Apple Store

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February 13, 2015

If you want to purchase an Apple Watch from a brick-and-mortar retailer when it hits the market in April, be prepared to head to an Apple Store. That’s according to a new report from German site

At least for the initial rollout phase, according to the site’s sources, Apple will only be selling the wearable device through its online site and Apple Store locations. Other big retailers known for selling Apple products – like Best Buy and Walmart – will be out of luck.

And really, when you think about, the idea isn’t a huge surprise. Originally the iPhone was only available at Apple Stores or through AT&T locations. It took some time before other retailers were able to strike deals to offer the device.

As we reported in January, Apple Stores will be turned into mini jewelry shops when the watch arrives. At least for the expensive Apple Watch Edition, which features an 18-karat gold case, stock will be stored in special safes.

Apple Stores are expected to also receive somewhat of a remodel to accommodate the new device and extra crowds expected with it.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO, recently confirmed that the Apple Watch will hit the market sometime in April. It will start at $349 for the lower-end Sport model. Apple is also offering a mid-range Apple Watch featuring a stainless steel case.

We expect that Apple will hold some type of special media event before the device hits the market to highlight its features and third-party applications. Users will need an iPhone 5 or later to use the wearable.

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