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Realmac's Typed is going from writing app to blogging platform in a new Indiegogo project

Realmac's Typed is going from writing app to blogging platform in a new Indiegogo project

Write Right!
February 3, 2015

Late last year, Realmac, the guys behind great iOS apps like Clear and Ember, released a new Markdown editor for Mac called Typed. Today, Typed has the dream of going from a simple writing app to something much bigger.

Today, Realmac has announced their new Indiegogo project, The team behind Realmac has been wanting to create and use a better blogging platform like this for years, and it is geared for writers, journalists, artists, storytellers, and basically anyone else with something to say. They claim that many online services may come and go, but they want to make stand the test of time. In short, this will be a blogging platform that is sustainable, but it will also be enjoyable to use. – A Better Blogging Platform from Realmac Software on Vimeo.

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Just like Typed the writing app, will have a gorgeous writing experience that doesn’t get in the way of your words. It also makes use of Markdown syntax, so you will always know how your post will turn out before it’s published. There is also support for tags, scheduled publishing, multiple pages, numerous blogs under a single account, blog contributors, custom domains, vanity URLs, custom slugs, image hosting, and much more. websites and blogs will be fully responsive on mobile and desktop platforms. websites and blogs will be fully responsive on mobile and desktop platforms.

What if you don’t just want a blog, but a full website? will be able to cover that as well, since you can add extra pages to the site’s navigation. There will also be preset themes, and users are able to create and publish their own masterpieces too. won’t just be another simple blogging platform. As an added bonus, any site that is built with will be viewable on any platform (desktop, iPhone, iPad, or Android) and will be completely responsive.

While all of this sounds great, it’s still a ways off from being finished. The team has already spent months on the project to create a working prototype, but in order to get it off the ground and ready for beta and eventually public release, they need funding for design, testing, and hosting of

If you’re interested in supporting the project, you can go to their Indiegogo page and select a perk. It starts at $10 to get your name in their Hall of Fame page and one month of for free, and goes up from there. As of this writing, the $25 Super Early Bird perk is sold out, but the next step up is the $39 Early Bird special, which includes six months free of the service. If you back $100 or more, you can get beta access to the service, as well as many other perks, including swag.

When you can expect to be finished

When you can expect to be finished

Realmac has also set up a timeline of when they expect to get things finished step-by-step. So after all the beta testing and early access, you can expect to launch sometime later this summer.

I’m a fan of Realmac and Typed, so I’m excited to see how this project turns out. If you’re looking for a fresh approach to blogging, then it would be in your best interest to give this campaign a look.

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