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The new Anki Overdrive will speed onto the market later this year

The new Anki Overdrive will speed onto the market later this year

February 10, 2015

One of the best app-powered toys is getting even better. Anki has announced that the next generation of its slot car racing system, aptly named Overdrive, will arrive in September.

The new system builds on the success of the original Anki Drive, which was showcased at WWDC 2013 and hit the market later that year.

Here’s a quick promo video about the system. Click here if you can’t see it.

Along with improved cars, the biggest step up is the new modular race track design tha will allow gamers to build their own special course.

A starter kit for the new system will start at $150. Included in the kit will be two cars, 10 track pieces, a four-car charger, two risers, and a tire cleaning kit. More information can be found on Anki’s site now.


Racers can configure the modular track to their liking with a number of expansion options.

Expansion tracks and accessories will cost between $10 and $30. Thankfully, the system is backward compatible, meaning the players can use their Anki Drive cars on the new racetracks.

Here’s the complete list of expansion tracks:

• Launch Kit – Reach for the sky with jumps on the battlefield. Launch ahead, nail the landing, and smoke the competition.
• Collision Kit – Race into a lethal intersection, pick off your opponents as they speed past or take a short cut to chase them down. Watch out for devastating collisions and don’t get caught in the crossfire.
• 180° Kit – Snap this U-turn piece to any track section and open up the battlefield for head-to-head combat. Build open circuit tracks to face down enemies, unlock longer courses and bi-directional racing.
• Speed Kit – Put the hammer down and outrun opponents or take aim and knock out the competition on these long straightaways.
• Corner Kit – Take these turns at top speed. Or blast opponents before they disappear around the bend.
• Rails Kit – Slingshot into straightaways or drive the fight into corners. Guardrails ensure the chaos of battle stays on the tracks.
• Elevation Kit – Take the battle to another level. Open up crazy track possibilities with hills, bridges, underpasses and more.
• Bank Turn Kit – Race around corners at faster speeds and pull some serious G-forces.

I’ve enjoyed my Anki Drive system for more than a year, and the Overdrive definitely sounds like a winner. Being able to customize your own course sounds like a great idea, and I’m looking forward to trying it out when it hits the market.

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