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Apple’s fold-out UK charger is indeed shipping with Apple Watches

Apple’s fold-out UK charger is indeed shipping with Apple Watches

April 24, 2015

It looks like Apple has indeed introduced a new kind of power adapter with its first-generation smartwatch. Because according to Apple Watch owners from Britain, Cupertino’s Apple Watch features a fold-out charger that’s much easier to carry around.

The new 5W charger, which we first saw in a picture posted to former rugby pro Will Carling’s Twitter account, has metallic prongs which can actually be folded into the body of the adapter itself. Doing so means that instead of sticking out, the charger’s prongs rest flat against the charger, allowing for easier (and safer) transportation. It’s a smart solution, and something British Apple Watch owners have been pleased to see launch.

You can order the 5W charger from the U.K. Apple Online Store for £25. It’s also designed for use in Ireland, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia. You can purchase a non-fold-out 5W charger from the U.K. Apple Online Store for £15.

Apple's new 5W charger.

Apple’s new 5W charger.

The picture Will Carling shared to Twitter earlier this month featured alongside the image of another, more interesting product – a custom red Sport Band for the Apple Watch. Though, at the time, we’d speculated that this could actually be a Product (RED) band for the wearable, Apple announced a range of additional colored Sport Bands for the smartwatch in Milan, Italy soon after. Despite this, we think (RED) products for the Watch would be a good move for Cupertino to make; of course, (RED) Smart Covers and Cases are already available on the Apple Online Store, and have been for some time.

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