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Start mastering tracks on the move with Algoriddim's Djay 2 for Apple Watch

Start mastering tracks on the move with Algoriddim's Djay 2 for Apple Watch

April 29, 2015

The Apple Watch is many, many things, but a mobile mixtable? That’s news to me. It turns out Djay 2, the popular DJ app for iOS, received an update earlier this month adding support for Cupertino’s smartwatch, and after taking the application for a spin on the Apple Watch, we’re impressed.

Much like its iOS counterpart, Djay 2 for Apple Watch lets users mix tracks together, controlling elements like audio effects and loops, right from their wrist. You can pick songs from the built-in Music app and add them into a project on the fly using the smartwatch extension, and the Apple Watch’s touch interface allows music mixers to control elements like echo, flanger, phaser, gate, rever, and much more. Using the Digital Crown, you can browse through your project, and your edited tracks will play using your connected iPhone’s built-in speaker (or even a Bluetooth-connected speaker, if you have one hooked up to the watch).

On paper, Djay 2 for Apple Watch sounds great. But how does it stack up after a bit of testing? The answer is surprisingly well, especially given the shaky nature of Apple Watch apps (or, rather, “extensions”) on the Watch OS platform. Sure, there’s some lag between input on the Watch and its response from the iOS app, but all in all, using Djay 2 for Apple Watch is a pleasant and satisfying experience.

Continuing a Djay 2 project on iOS.

Continuing a Djay 2 project on iOS.

The app’s UI, for instance, is far from overcrowded, but it includes enough detail (and enough elements) to provide users with a solid mixing platform. You can add a second deck to the app by swiping on Djay’s screen, and a central mixer allows Watch wearers to configure a balance between your two chosen pieces. I’ve had no trouble touching individual elements on the app’s display, even if the UI is designed to fit on the Watch’s smaller screen. Though, usefully, if the smartwatch’s small screen does begin to tire your eyes, you can pick up where you left off using Djay’s iOS application on your iPhone. Because the iOS app is powering your work on the Apple Watch, your project will be ready for you as soon as you reach for the handset.

Though a number of Apple Watch extensions have left us unimpressed, Djay 2 is refreshingly good. It’s a solid extension for the smartwatch that feels responsive, offers an impressive set of features, and is more than easy on the eyes. Better still, the app is available free of charge on the App Store for a limited time.

Download Djay 2 for iPhone now, and begin mixing tracks using Cupertino’s smartwatch.

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