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A new report says the 'mystery' Apple vans are capturing images for a new mapping database

A new report says the 'mystery' Apple vans are capturing images for a new mapping database

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May 29, 2015

The mysterious Apple vans that have been spotted in a number of cities across the United States since the start of 2015 are being used to significantly improve the company’s Maps app. That’s according to a new report from 9to5Mac.

Some rumors originally suggested the minivans could be a prototype for Apple’s rumored self-driving car. But that’s not the case according to the site’s sources.

Most importantly, Apple wants to lessen dependence on third-party mapping providers like TomTom for images and information in the Maps app. Here’s more from the report:

For end users, this change will mean more accurate and rapidly updated data. For Apple, this means more control over the core user experience, and, consequently, less of a need to rely on partners for data to be updated. Apple is notably taking a similar approach to its upcoming indoor mapping feature, which is being developed entirely in-house with iBeacons equipped to small autonomous robots.

The vans are also collecting data for a future 3-D Street View feature. Apple is also having the vehicles capture images of storefronts to possibly include in the iOS 9 Maps app.

We could hear more about the improvements to Maps during WWDC early next month. Along with iOS 9, Apple is expected to unveil OS X 10.11 at the event’s keynote on Monday, June 8.

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Image via AppleInsider

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